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A piece of Bali


07.-08. June 2024

Whoever has been to Bali knows the magical energy of the Island of the Gods and also knows that it is a true paradise for yoga practitioners, as you can practice with and learn from internationally recognized instructors from all over the world.

We know that Bali is very far and not accessible to everyone, so we are now bringing you two teachers through whom you can experience the magic of yoga classes there while enhancing your yoga practice both physically and mentally, even as an instructor.

We invite you to a three-part master class series that you can attend separately or together, and if you participate in all three sessions,

you can avail of a discounted package price!

2024.06.07. 18.30-20.30. Yin & Yang practice with Paul Teodo

2024.06.08. 10.00-12.00. Power Yoga practice with Paul Teodo

2024.06.08. 13.30-15.45. Meditation program with Leah Santa Cruz

About the instructors:

Leah Santa Cruz is an internationally recognized meditation trainer (E-RYT-500),

who blends her neurological, psychological, and business career experiences in her work. With nearly 10 years in the technology industry, she experienced stress and burnout, leading her to incorporate meditation into her life. She is the leading meditation teacher of the Balance meditation app, recognized by Google as the app of the year in 2021 and by Forbes magazine. With teaching experience in meditation in both the business sphere and leading studios from Los Angeles to Bali's most popular studio, The Yoga Barn, Leah compassionately imparts her knowledge of psychology and neurology blended with meditation techniques accessible to all. Whether your goal is stress management, focus, or deepening your spiritual knowledge, her technique will undoubtedly help you achieve these goals. Her 150-hour meditation teacher training helps students deepen their knowledge and become skilled teachers.

Paul Teodo is a senior yoga instructor at The Yoga Barn Bali and a lead teacher for yoga teacher training (E-RYT 500). In addition to yoga, he teaches meditation and engages in sound healing. After experiencing a stressful period in his early twenties, he discovered the transformative power of meditation, providing a stable foundation for him as a yoga instructor, father, and husband. With thousands of students practicing across the world, he was voted the best yoga instructor by The Culture Trip before moving to Bali. Paul enriches his yoga and meditation practices with healing melodies from his 25 years of playing the guitar. Through the wonderful harmony of movement, meditation, and sounds, his classes possess unique depth and transformative power. Paul's committed and gentle style makes even the most complex techniques easily understandable for practitioners at any level on the yoga path. His classes help practitioners deepen their practice, connect with their true selves, and experience joy and peace.

2024.06.07. 18.30-20.30. Yin & Yang practice with Paul Teodo 

Yin Yang Master Course with live guitar accompaniment

As we all age and accept this fact, we still wonder how we can feel young. Explore the yogic "fountain of youth"!

The blend of dynamic movements and prolonged deep stretches shapes and renews the connective tissues, which become less healthy with advancing age and play a role in the aging process. Along with the physical effects, a healing meditative effect occurs during the yin state. At the end of the practice, Paul accompanies the closing meditation with live guitar music. Thus, you can also experience the regenerative effects of sound therapy as the melodies he plays resonate in your body and mind, helping you attain emotional regeneration and internal peace.


2024.06.08. 10.00-12.00. Power Yoga Masterclass with Paul Teodo

Are you ready to confidently progress on the path to your dreams? The power yoga class is designed to lead you into a flow state and test your limits. It strengthens and aids self-development without overwhelming you. Try out one of the most popular yoga practices in Los Angeles and Bali! Besides feeling good at the end, you will be proud of yourself and may feel ready for anything afterward! The practice ends with a relaxation led by live guitar accompaniment.

2024.06.08. 13.30-15.45. Meditation Masterclass with Leah Santa Cruz

Learn to meditate, even with a wandering mind! Experience how simple meditation can be and discover which techniques work for you. Master the fundamentals of meditation, practical and valuable tools that you can carry with you for life. Learn how meditation helps release years of stress from your mind and nervous system. Experience how meditation rejuvenates, helps reverse pathological physical processes in the body, improves your connections, and restores your well-being. Throughout the session, you'll receive tools to re-tune your nervous system, lower your stress levels, enhance your focus, and find joy in your life. We explore how fundamental life processes like breathing, hearing, seeing, and love can be gateways on the path to meditation.


Register via message.

 The participation fee is non-refundable, but it is transferable to anyone if you are unable to attend.

The cost for the Yin Yang masterclass is 29,000 Forint and Power Yoga masterclass is 29,000 Forint, while the meditation workshop is 19,000 Forint.

If you attend all three sessions, you can register at a discounted price of 60,000 Forint!

Early Bird Price! The first 10 registrants can join the three-session program for just 50,000 Forint.

Kolossváry Orsi (Yoga Brunch Hungary) will assist you in translation during the practices, as she has nearly 10 years of yoga teaching experience, attending several international training programs and teaching practitioners from around the world in Sri Lanka. Therefore, we welcome not only yoga practitioners with English proficiency!

We look forward to experiencing, learning, and practicing together with you!"

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