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Mercédesz Molnár

body sculptor

BodySculpting helps you make room.

On a physical level, we work with the shortened tissues of your body. 

We release it together for greater range of motion

the restrained areas in your connective tissue system.

BodySculpting makes room for those possibilities, those parts of you that you don't have access to if you are stuck in a fixed (body) position. 

After all, the body-soul-mind-spirit is one.

During joint work, you can quickly experience where the tension,

what you carry

You can start to connect more with yourself. 

To mark your boundaries. Seeing yourself from a new perspective.

The treatments can bring about organic and significant change, better quality of life, freer movement, better stress tolerance, so that under the influence of the changing stimuli of the outside world

don't go down like a balloon, bounce like a rubber ball.

So that you can be present with your whole being in your own body and in your own life. 

I can accompany you in this process, sometimes hold up a mirror, sometimes startle you;

on the way to dynamic balance.

If you are ready to change!



3 suitable / 12 suitable treatment series.

1 treatment:  2 h

The price of the treatment:


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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