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David Olarte

Meditation, Sonic Quantum Energy Facilitator.

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My Story

While my journey began as a musician in a Christian church in Colombia, it has evolved into something far beyond—Spiritual Biohacking. Raised in a blend of Christian and Jewish traditions, and having graduated as a Ministerial Musician and Sound Engineer, my life and research have always oscillated between the mystical and the scientific realms, exploring the power of music and its impact on both physical and non- physical dimensions. This path led me to explore various practices in yoga and meditation, while incorporating advances in science and technology.

Drawing from my background in music and a profound desire to help others find inner peace, I've delved into the realms of quantum sound technology. By blending ancient healing techniques rooted in vital energy transmitted through sound with advances in neuroscience, I've developed a unique approach to meditation, brain entrainment, and sound healing—Sonic Quantum Energy.

Throughout my journey, I've witnessed the transformative power of sound and vibration in inducing Theta states for healing, facilitating trance-like states to connect with the source in Gamma brain wave state, and unlocking ASC (Altered States of Consciousness) to enable profound experiences with brain hemisphere synchronization. From ICU (Intensive Care Unit) patients finding relief from pain and recovering in half the estimated time to individuals seeking transcendental experiences in meditation, my work has touched countless lives around the world.

Today, I invite you to experience the healing potential of quantum sound technology with Indlandsis at Sanará.

Let's embark on a journey together towards connection, inner balance, well-being, and expansion through sound. See you at my next event.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

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