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Mat Pilates

Csütörtök 18:00 60'

Nyelv : Magyar

Price 3500.- HUF


Mat Pilates

Greek Niki

Pilates is a physical movement based on concentration,

during which special attention is paid to breathing and the so-called power center, i.e. the muscles of the abdomen, lower back, pelvis and buttocks.

During the class, not only the surface muscles but also the deep muscles work,

whose existence we often become aware of only after a Pilates class.

With the help of Pilates exercises, on the one hand, the endurance of the muscles and joints increases,

posture improves, and on the other hand, thanks to the stretching and strengthening exercises, fat pads also disappear.

Pilates tightens, shapes and builds toned muscles while completely clearing the mind.

The hour is gradually built up.

After a warm-up, we first perform standing and then lying on a mattress holding and dynamic exercises, with a constantly changing level of difficulty in order to increase efficiency.

We end the class with relaxation and then a thorough stretch.

Pilates is recommended for everyone, regardless of gender or age!

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