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Shakti Flow

Monday 18:00 90'

Language Hungarian

Price: HUF 4,000


Shakti Flow

Renata Sakácsi

Shakti means flow, which refers to the way of doing asana. This is a dynamic, thematic exercise in which every movement has a role. You can expect rows of asanas arranged in series, interspersed with vinyasas, the purpose of which is to move and balance the entire body.

Shakti is the life force, also called "kundalini shakti". Shakti goes beyond the asanas, it is the background field of the lesson that we will delve into. During the class, you will also come across exercises that use the power of the breath to have an effect beyond the physical body. In addition, there is a great emphasis on the management of inner attention, the use of different mantras, and each time we close the class with a thematic meditation, which helps us connect to Shakti, our cosmic life force.

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