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Puppy Yoga

Monday 19:30 90'

Tuesday 19:00 90'

Friday 19:30 90'

Saturday 13:00 90'

Saturday 14:30 90'

Language: Hungarian / English

Price: HUF 12,000


Puppy Yoga

Vivien Tóth

It includes a 1-hour HATHA yoga class, which beginners can come to, even those who have never done yoga before.

Here, the point will not be the perfection of the asanas, but the laughter and the connection to our childish selves. The puppies will be inside from the beginning, but after the lesson it will be possible to stay for half an hour to take photos, video and play with them. The little ones have 1 vaccination, after several wormings they will come with me parasite-free, but since they do not have all the vaccinations, hygiene is important (handwashing or street shoes will not be allowed to enter the room).

The price of the session is HUF 12,000 per person and 20% of the proceeds go to Gazdátlak Kölykök Alapítvány.

The puppies present will also be available for adoption .

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