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Maternity Yoga

Monday 18:00 75'

small room

Language Hungarian

Price: HUF 4,500


Maternity Yoga

Édua Stankovics

I look forward to welcoming all expectant mothers who wish to practice yoga after the 13th week of pregnancy!

Feel free to join even if you have never done yoga before, but you feel that this is exactly what you need right now!

Each time, I adapt the class to the current state and needs of the group, also taking into account where they are in their pregnancy.

We always start with a few minutes of conversation, where if you want you can share how you feel and exchange experiences with other expectant mothers.

Then we continue with attunement, breathing exercises and a short warm-up.

The main part of the class consists of pleasantly flowing series of movements, during which we strengthen and relax those muscle groups and body parts that are exposed to increased stress during pregnancy and childbirth.

We end the class with a barrier muscle exercise and a relaxing relaxation session combined with visualization.

What does maternity yoga support?

- It helps to become aware of and accept physical and mental changes

- Promotes the conscious experience of pregnancy and the connection with the baby

- Reduces physical complaints during pregnancy

- Moves you around nicely

- It relaxes and calms you down

- Prepares you for childbirth

- You can be a member of a safe, supportive women's circle

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