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Maternity Yoga

+36 70 597 86 00

I am Édua Sztankovics, a hatha yoga teacher for women, doing classes in maternity yoga also. Yoga came into my life during the pandemic. It was a true love at first practice, as I completed the hatha yoga teacher training the following year.


From the beginning, I felt that what called me most was helping and supporting women, so soon after I qualified as a maternity and then women's yoga instructor. Maternity yoga is particularly close to my heart, it's a wonderful thing when a pregnant woman puts her trust in me. 

I am honoured to support her, to guide her through and to be part of one of the most important stages of her life. In addition, I am particularly fascinated by the way the female body and hormonal system works.

I am constantly trying to expand my knowledge in these areas. 


Occasionally in the future, I would like to organise women's yoga events and workshops, where we will have the opportunity to go around and talk about an important topic that affects women, in addition to yoga.


At Sanara we can currently connect and practice together in a small group maternity yoga class.



The main part of the class will be a series of pleasantly flowing movements to strengthen and relax the muscle groups and body parts that are subject to increased stress during pregnancy and childbirth.The class will end with a gas gymnastics workout and a relaxing visualisation session.


How does maternity yoga support you?


- Helps you become aware of and accept the changes in your body and mind

- Promotes awareness of pregnancy and connection with the baby

- Reduces physical discomfort during pregnancy

- Gives you a pleasant workout

- Relaxes and calms

- Prepares you for the birth 

- Be part of a safe, supportive circle of women


Cost of the class: 4000 Ft per session (75 minutes)

Time: Monday 19:00-20:15 

Difficulty: beginner (but advanced yoga moms are welcome! )


Pre-registration required at the contact details provided.

Group lesson

Maternity yoga Monday 19:00-20:15 

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