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Reiki, Trigger Point Therapy, Meridian and Relaxation massage

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Over the past years, I have participated in continuous training and improved my skills

the learned massage techniques. 

By now, I have developed my own technique, which I tailor to achieve the desired result.

My massage techniques:




Even during my high school years, I was interested in massage and therapy, I wanted to help people who are struggling with some physical or mental problems. I discovered the energetic, spiritual world with the help of my great-grandmother. At the suggestion of a good friend, I managed to take part in a Reiki course. I found the world of energy very interesting because I realized that everything is connected, that in fact the diseases of the physical body can actually be mental pains, which appear when the energy does not flow freely.


I think it's important that whatever problem we have, we try to find the solution ourselves. We can heal and shine most effectively from the inside out. In the long term, with energy therapy, we do not treat the effects of the complaints, but the causes and sources of the diseases, and by treating them, we also cure the effects themselves.

I have been working as a masseuse for 9 years and I have been working with Reiki for 3 years. Over the years, I learned several massage techniques and used each of them separately for a while. My current massage technique is a combination of these, so that each therapy is personalized.

Hand and Leaf


A non-invasive, hands-on healing therapy originating in early 20th century Japan where energy flows through the palms for healing.

Increases energy flow and can reduce pain.


Reiki (pronounced: rejki)  a hands-on healing and self-development method. It originates from Japan, which started to become very popular in the world from the 1980s

due to its simplicity and versatile use.

Reiki is an excellent tool for creating physical-spiritual balance. It can be used for prevention as well as for the treatment of acute and chronic symptoms, and for the treatment of problems of physical or mental origin. A great way to create and continuously maintain inner harmony.

The basic principle is always the same: with the help of channeled universal energy, we dissolve toxins in the body,

the energetic blocks, thus supporting the body's self-healing and regenerating system. Unlike allopathic remedies, 

Reiki energy always eliminates the root cause, at the same time

we don't have to worry about side effects either,

can be used completely safely in all situations.

Its beauty lies in its simplicity. 

The founder of Reiki is Mikao Usui, who experienced the state of satori (enlightenment) by fasting for 21 days on Mount Kurama and developed the method of harmonizing mind and body in the 1920s.

which he called the Usui Reiki Treatment Method for Mind and Body Development.


What is the essence of Reiki?

With regular practice, with Reiki meditation the ultimate goal is to create and maintain a balanced state of thoughts and feelings. This leads us to a state of inner peace and harmony, which brings happiness and calmness to our everyday lives, which also positively affects our human relationships. By applying Reiki treatment, physical-mental balance can be maintained and restored, many symptoms can be treated, and self-healing processes can be supported.

Andreas offers a safe space that allows you to begin the journey of inner healing. A place where you can be yourself, shedding the many masks we wear in our daily lives to be yourself.

This work is very important to Andreas because it allows him to enter the world of holistic healing and share his unique gifts with the world. 



13.000 HUF (60 minutes) / 16,000 HUF(90 minutes)

Trigger point therapy is a soft tissue technique used to release painful tension in the muscles and fascia that you usually experience as muscle knots. There are many different approaches to trigger point therapy, including soft tissue work, deep tissue massage. Trigger point therapy aims to release tight, knotted muscles in the body, relieving pain, stiffness and discomfort. This little nodule can be a source of a lot of pain. The trigger point is local sensitivity, radiating paincan cause

Many health problems are associated with muscle tension, so this treatment has many benefits. Trigger point therapy helps to get rid of radiating pain and tension. With the help of the therapy, you can eliminate the pain without having to worry about side effects. During the treatment, the therapist holds the trigger points under pressure, as a result of which the pain will decrease.

(Fascia: a net-like connective tissue that connects different body tissues and structures in the body, encasing our entire body.)


HUF 13,000 (60 minutes) / HUF 16,000 (90 minutes)

Meridian Massage is an ancient Chinese medical technique that incorporates a variety of Chinese medicine and acupressure treatments to improve health and alleviate health problems. It is an alternative form of non-invasive drug treatment for the treatment of locomotor diseases and relaxation of body muscles.

Meridian therapy is a holistic approach to healing the body and mind. It uses acupressure points to stimulate the body's natural self-healing abilities. The benefits of meridian therapy are that it can help with pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and many other mental and physical health issues.


1HUF 3,000 (60 minutes) / HUF 16,000 (90 minutes)

A relaxation massage is a smooth, gentle treatment that relieves muscle tension, increases circulation and promotes a general sense of relaxation. The relaxing massage is achieved by gently moving the therapist's full hands over the skin, following the muscle contours (soft tissues) of the body.

In this type of treatment, the whole body is usually massaged.

Massage improves circulation and relieves muscle tension. Relieving tense muscles and reducing the physical symptoms of stress can help calm the body and improve mood. As a result of the massage, the body releases hormones that relax. Endorphins, serotonin and dopamine reduce the stress hormone.

Reiki Healing
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