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Kata Szabo

Welcome! I am Kata Szabó, the creator of Kata Yoga Journey.

My yoga journey began more than 5 years ago. Since then, I have discovered and learned about a wide range of yoga, which ranges from slower, more in-depth exercises to more dynamic classes that move the body. This journey has enriched me with many different styles, and each has its own charm and teaching, which I try to convey in my classes.

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My Story

As my interest deepened, I realized that yoga is more than exercise for me. Observing and interpreting our body's signals is an inner journey through which we can discover our own limits and possibilities. This experience started me on the path to becoming an instructor.

In my classes, I primarily want to ensure that everyone finds awareness of the body and is able to deepen their own practice, regardless of what level they are at. Breathing and meditation also play a prominent role, as these elements help us find balance in our lives. .

I also place great emphasis on the slow living lifestyle and the importance of self-acceptance. Slow living encourages people to slow down, enjoy the present moment and find balance in different areas of life. And self-acceptance means that we accept ourselves as we are and allow ourselves to develop at our own pace. For me, yoga is not just an exercise, but a process during which we learn to pay attention to our body and learn when and how much to let it go, depending on its state and life circumstances.

Why should you take my classes? You can meet yourself in a space where you can be physically and mentally strengthened. The time spent here provides a supportive environment where you receive acceptance and help in your individual development. After the practice, you can leave fresher, more balanced and recharged, so that you can start your everyday life full of energy again.


Candlelight Yoga

Join me for a candlelit yoga practice, where I have exercises for all levels, both beginners and advanced. The class takes place in a cozy environment, where the light of candles, soft music and pleasant scents surround the space.

Experience the beneficial effects of flow-type yoga exercises and meditation while we practice movements that harmonize body and soul together. Flow yoga is characterized by continuous and flowing movements and coordination with breathing, thus helping to connect body and mind. I look forward to seeing you next time!"

Sunday 18:30-19:30 HUF 3,500
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