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Psychologist, Autogenic Training Practitioner and Consultant in Schema Therapy.

+36 70 597 86 00

I'm Berill Bodor, psychologist, Autogenic Training Practitioner and candidate for consultant in Schema Therapy. Besides my private practice, I am a school psychologist for two primary schools in Budapest.

I believe that everyone, without exception, deserves help and honest attention, and I hope that whoever comes to me, I can support them in the situation they are in.

In addition to individual and group psychology sessions, as a Child and Teen Yoga teacher, a holistic approach to achieving a healthy state of mind and functioning is central to my work. 

Yoga can make a profound difference in the lives of people of all ages, cognitively, emotionally, physically and behaviorally.

My qualifications:

ELTE - Behavioural Analysis (BA) 2014-2019

ELTE - Psychologist (MA) 2019-2021

Sema Therapy Consultant Candidate 2021-

Autogenic Training Practitioner (2022)

Child and Teen Yoga Instructor (2023)


Anyone may find that they are unable to regain their mental balance and cope with their problems on their own and need support and help. As a psychologist, I believe that my most important task is to accompany the person who comes to me on a journey of self-discovery, which we embark on together. During the counselling process, I help people to mobilise their own resources in order to cope more effectively with stressful situations and to develop more harmonious relationships.


During my psychological counselling sessions, I will help you to gain a deeper self-awareness. Together, we will uncover the patterns of difficulties that have held you captive for a long time, which have been developed in childhood, modified during adolescence and nowadays have become entrenched.

You can get closer to your own inner emotional world, to your possible psychological blockages and to the roots of your problems during the process of self-awareness work. I tailor the conversations to your interests and, while we deal with your present problems, we gradually bring to the fore behavioral and emotional patterns that we call patterns and are not characterized by healthy coping.

This is the basis of a schema therapy consultation.

My aim is to work with you to map your resources so that you can use them effectively in all areas of your life. I work with experiential tools based on a schema therapy approach. In addition to developing cognitive and behavioural strategies, I use relaxation exercises to promote harmonious and balanced living.


Through relaxation exercises, tension and stress levels are reduced and sleep quality improves in parallel. The individual becomes more relaxed and resilient both physically and mentally. 


Through Autogenic Training exercises, physical, mental and spiritual well-being is achieved. During autogenic training, the relaxation exercises are performed by the individual on their own, without any external assistance. It is also a deeper method of self-awareness, and the learning process itself can be a personal shaper if you are open to it.

I pay particular attention to health promotion, with a focus on healthy eating. In order to have a healthy mind, it is essential to have a healthy and well-functioning body. Identifying everyday stressors and reducing them as much as possible is also one of my core objectives in my counselling work.


- Life stuckness, difficulties, goal finding

- Self-awareness, personality development

- Self-confidence, self-esteem 

- Relationship difficulties

- Lifestyle changes

- Self-image, strengthening sense of identity- Abandoning bad habits, motivation arousal, maintenance

- Reducing tension and stress

- Developing healthy functioning

- Nutritional counselling

- Burnout prevention and management


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