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Renata Szakácsi

"Yoga was a call in my life that rewrote all my previous plans."

I have been practicing yoga for fourteen years, of which I have been teaching for twelve years.

Yoga was a call in my life that rewrote all my previous plans.

For several decades, my plan was to become a hotel manager, and I was very determined to do so.Although I was moving towards my goal, I still felt that I was completely exhausted andsomething very important is missing from my life.

It was during this period that I took my first yoga class.

I had never played sports before and my muscles were very tight, yet the first time, during relaxation - while everything hurt.

My inner voice almost shouted at me.

This is my way!

From then on, I organized my whole life around yoga and it became a serious profession.I first started teaching with hatha, later I delved into the dynamic vinyasa flow.After that came women's yoga, and then I completed the kundalini teacher training, which had such a strong effect on me that, in addition to vinyasa flow, it became my other main trend. 


Group class: Monday 18:00-19:30 Shakti Flow

Flow means flow, which refers to the way of doing asana. This is a dynamic, thematic exercise in which every movement has a role.

You can expect rows of asanas arranged in series and filled with vinyasa, the purpose of which is to move and balance the entire body.

Shakti is the life force, also called "kundalini shakti".

Shakti goes beyond the asanas, it is the background field of the lesson that we will delve into. During the class, you will also come across exercises that use the power of the breath to have an effect beyond the physical body.

In addition, there is a great emphasis on the control of inner attention, the use of different mantras, and each time we close the class with a thematic meditation, which helps us connect to Shakti, our cosmic life force.

Group Class

Monday 18:00 - 19:30

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