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Don't feel uncomfortable looking for a therapist/counselor.

The reality is that many people would benefit from therapy,

whether or not they have a diagnosed mental illness.

Seeing a therapist can be part of a person's overall mental and emotional well-being. While effective therapy can be extremely helpful for many, it is critically necessary for some, especially those suffering from mental illness such as anxiety, depression, addiction, or other disorders.

The brain is, after all, an organ, and like other organs, it requires skilled medical care. In the treatment of complex care of therapy, you can deal with life's diverse challenges and live a fuller life. It can help you understand how you feel, why and how to deal with the problem. Just like regular check-ups with the doctor or a dental check-up, meeting with a therapist can preserve your mental health. Therapy can give you the tools you need to deal with your emotions. 

Mastering the art of mindfulness-based meditation even works well for taking care of your own mental health. One of the benefits of seeing a therapist is that it can improve your general sense of well-being.

When is therapy indicated?

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Bodor Berill

Psychologist & Autogen Training practice leader

Schema therapy consultant candidate

In addition to my private practice in psychology, I work as a children's yoga instructor and am the school psychologist for two primary schools in Budapest. 

I believe that everyone, without exception, deserves help and sincere support, and I hope that whoever turns to me, I can support them in the situation they are in right now.

Dénes Klaudia

Integral consultant candidate

Yoga instructor

My vocation is to accompany you as a helpful mentor on your path to fulfillment, to be accepting and loving towards yourself, to be grateful for your inner patterns, your unconscious content, and to understand your daily functioning on a physical and spiritual level.


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